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The flooring is an important aspect of your home. A pre-finished hard floor not only adds a touch of elegance to your home but also has the added benefit of lasting a lifetime when maintained correctly. Tiles, metal or brick, terracotta, granite, ceramic and marble can become dirty overtime which can be cleaned professionally using our expert service.

Even regular sweeping, vacuum cleaning or floor cleaning solutions are not enough to give a well-finished, clean look, throughout the year. Hard floors require thorough interior hard floor cleaning in order to maintain their sheen as they can fade unevenly due to exposure to the sun and traffic and over time they may also become duller and worn.

  • Dust particles can cause scratches or marks on the floor surface
  • Some cleaners leave a residue on the floor and even make the finish dull
  • Acid may leave unsightly marks
  • Severely damaged floors may require refinishing
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Revive your dull floor and keep your hard floor spotless with Bright & Right specialised interior hard floor cleaning solutions.

  • Our experts clean even the corners of the room, stairs or area under the bed or table that are usually the toughest to clean
  • We take extra care to keep your kitchen floor clean and hygienic
  • Our interior hard floor cleaning techniques are modified to suit the specific requirements of the way your floor has been installed or finished. Our experts do not follow one method for all types of floor.
  • Certified cleaning products are used to clean while retaining the floor’s finish, be it polished or soft matte.
  • We use advanced cleaning and restoring techniques to make your floor shine and retain its appealing texture.
  • Our hassle-free evaluation and cleaning process saves your time so that you won’t face any inconvenience
  • If you have complemented your decor using hard flooring with steel or wood material, then our cleaning experts will take care not to damage the material while cleaning.
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