Generally, the carpets take 2 to 6 hours to dry depending on the weather conditions, a professionally done job will extract most of the water form the carpet, reducing the drying time.

We use a very powerfull suction equirpment, resulting in less to no water retension in your carpets resulting in quick drying time and durability of your carpet.

Lot of factors determine the frequency of the carpet steam cleaning, such as pets, foot traffic etc. As an average, we recommend every two months for a healthier environment for residentials and for commercial it will be frequent.

No. The cleaning solutions we use are manufactured to the highest approved standards hence they are not harmfull to kids and pets.

Pet urines settles within the carpets and could cause an odur and discolration. Our technician will recommend a special treatment to remove Adours and mild stains.

Carpets are like our clothes, where some stains will be very hard to remove, but our technician will use the right product to remove most of the stains from the carpet.

Their is no gurantee to protect the carpet from staining. Our technician will advise the best treatments to increase the life of your carpets and minimise staining.

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